"On the group's strong new album Radio Silence, mournful, bittersweet melodies float over roiling, thrumming grooves in a manner that reminds me of the David S. Ware Quarter at its best." - Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader.

Four Letter Words is a Chicago-based acoustic trio collectively-lead by Jake Wark (tenor saxophone); Matt Piet (piano); and Bill Harris (drums). Their first recorded outing, Blow, has been described by Budd Kopman of All About Jazz as a "highly intelligent, extremely intense and deeply rewarding debut recording." All three members provide original compositions to the group's repertoire, resulting in a wide range of tunes: some groove-based and others freely structured, some made of fragments of melody and others unrelentingly melody-driven. All of their work is designed to allow for an emphasis on free improvisation and group interplay. Four Letter Words and its members play together and in other configurations throughout Chicago.

Jake Wark – tenor saxophone

Matt Piet – piano, keyboards

Bill Harris – drums